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A 3D tube shooter (i.e. a subgenre of shoot 'em up) inspired by the iconic Gyruss and Tempest, developed in team for the Videogame Design and Programming course held by Prof. Pier Luca Lanzi at Politecnico di Milano.

Main features:

  • 4 different player characters, each one with their own stats and a unique Special Weapon
  • Campaign mode: make your way through 9 levels full of enemies and tough bosses
  • Survival mode: try to survive as long as possible in this endless mode, and make a high score
  • 2 players: play against a friend, on the same screen, in Survival mode, and outlast your opponent to win
  • Different kinds of enemy, each one with its specific behavior

This game has been developed in Unity, and I worked on the following tasks:

  • Game Design: design of enemies AI (for all enemy kinds, including bosses), all 4 Special Weapons and the player characters' stats.
  • Level Design: design of all 9 levels of Campaign mode, including placement of enemies, bonuses and obstacles, and parameters tuning, with particular attention to balance the Campaign for all 4 player characters (each one with different stats).
  • Programming: implementation of the core mechanics (including the spaceship's circular movement, shooting and all 4 different Special Weapons), enemies AI (for all enemy kinds, including bosses), other minor things.

The development lasted 3 months, and the team consisted of 5 people:

  • RenĂ© Giavazzi: game concept, game design, music, sound effects
  • Federico Aliprandi: programming, game design, level design
  • Manuel Pezzera: programming, level design
  • Laura Soler: 3D and 2D art
  • Alberto Clarari: 3D and 2D art

Main tasks I covered:

  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • Programming

Game Engine: Unity