In this page you can view games on which I have worked. You can choose to filter them to list only professional projects, i.e. games on which I worked professionally either as an employee of a studio or as a freelance, or you can see them all, including hobby, game jam and academic projects. You can also filter projects by task, that is the type of work I have done for the development of a game (Game Design, Level Design or Programming).
Click on a title or thumbnail to view details for a specific game, including screenshots, development notes and download links.

SBK Official Mobile Game

October, 2021

Assetto Corsa Mobile

September, 2021

Bookbound Brigade

January, 2020

Forest Night Flight

October, 2019


January, 2018


October, 2016

Agro Innovation Tour

September, 2016


September, 2016

Alien Races

June, 2016


February, 2015

Tricky Trip

January, 2015

Camp Hoops

July, 2014

Break That Wall!

September, 2013

Pure Platformer

April, 2013

Halloween Minigame

October, 2012