About me

Hi, nice to meet you! :)
My name is Federico Aliprandi, and I'm a game designer.

My love story with videogames started when I was just 3 years old, playing a gorgeous platformer game for DOS called Jill of the Jungle, by Epic Mega Games.

When I was 7, my parents gifted me a wonderful piece of software: The Games Factory by Clickteam, one of the very first game engines which allowed to make games without programming. For me, it was mind-blowing!

The passion for videogames and the wish to learn how to make them pushed me to study, and I earned a Master Degree in Computer Science at University of Milan, following the Videogame Design path established by the PONG Lab (Playlab fOr inNovation in Games). Some of the exams that I took include Videogame Design and Programming, Game Design, Online Game Design, Artificial Intelligence for Videogames, Game and Level Design, and others.

Since 2017, while I was studying for last University exams and working on my Thesis about Augmented Reality games, I've been working as a game designer in an Italian studio.

My favorite game genre is undoubtedly Platformer: I love platform games, both 2D and 3D! Another genre for which I go crazy is Arcade Racing, with a special fondness for Kart Racing games. Beyond the said genres, I play games of all types, of all ages. I also enjoy playing Board Games with my friends, and I'm a fan of the good old couch multiplayer way of playing!

I love playing mobile games, too! I spend a lot of time playing on my phone and on my tablet, and I always keep up to date with the market, having a look at the latest most popular games on the stores.

I'm good at writing clear, detailed, yet concise Game Design Documents, and I'm used to work in team and to respect deadlines, as I have done both for academic projects and for work. I'm young and I know that I still have a lot to learn! I like reading articles about game design on Gamasutra, as they're always interesting and inspiring, and I'll never stop studying.

I have strong knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming, in particular of the C# language. The game engines that I mainly use are Unity, GameMaker Studio and Construct 3, but I can also use few others.

Beyond playing and making games, I like listening to music (especially Italian songwriters), going to the cinema, theater and watching TV. Oh! And I love good food, too! :D

That's all, folks! Have a look at my portfolio, and feel free to contact me! :)