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Tricky Trip

A cooperative 2-players game made for Global Game Jam 2015, whose theme was "What do we do now?".

In this game, two players play as two sailors, on their ship, lost in the ocean. They must cooperate to survive an entire week before they get to land. Their journey will be tough: they will have to face tsunamis, flocks of hungry sharks, flooding and even fire!

The two characters are very different, and they have different roles from each other.

The first character is a young, tiny, thin and lightweight helmsman. He will use the rudder to tilt the ship in order to get rid of sharks that are jumping in. Thanks to his agility and speed, he will also run and climb ladders to reach fire to put it out. However, he's not very strong, but luckily he's not alone!

The second character is an old, big, fat, heavy sea wolf. When a tsunami is coming, he will hold the helmsman to avoid him to fly away because of his light weight! Thanks to his strength, he will go down into the hull of the ship to repair holes that let water come inside. Also, he will use the water pump to get rid of water inside of the ship.

This game has been done in 48 hours by a team of 7 people:

  • Federico Aliprandi: game design, level design, programming
  • Federico Distefano: game design, level design, programming
  • Davide Consonni: programming
  • Valerio Alloro: graphics
  • Federica Marchetti: graphics
  • Riccardo Galimberti: animations
  • Alberto Slavica: audio

For this game I worked on the following tasks:

  • Game Design: game concept and design of mechanics
  • Level Design: design of the play field, including placement of ladders and of fire and holes' spawn points at strategic positions
  • Programming: implementation of the core mechanics, including characters' movement and their ability to use the rudder, put out fire, repair holes and use the water pump

INSTRUCTIONS TO PLAY: During the game jam we preferred to use all the time to implement mechanics and tune parameters to balance the game. Unluckily this means we didn't make a tutorial, so keep reading for instructions on how to play the game.


Character Move Action
Tiny helmsman Arrow Keys Right Shift
Big sea wolf WASD Left Shift

Tiny helmsman's actions:

  • Use the rudder: When in front of the rudder, keep pressed the Action button while pressing the Left and Right arrows to tilt the ship counter-clockwise and clockwise respectively. Tilting the ship is useful to get rid of sharks that jump inside, but beware not to tilt it too much, or it will sink!
  • Put off fire: When in front of a fire, keep pressed the Action button to start stepping on the fire, until it disappears.

Big sea wolf's actions:

  • Hold the tiny helmsman: When in front of the other character, keep pressed the Action button to hold it. You should do it in case of tsunami, otherwise the helmsman will be thrown away and the game will be over!
  • Repair holes: When in front of the door, press the W key to enter the hull. When in front of a hole, keep pressed the Action key to start repairing it with your hammer.
  • Use the water pump: When in front of the water pump (at the extreme left of the ship) keep pressed the Action key to use it to get rid of water inside of the hull.

Main tasks I covered:

  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • Programming

Game Engine: Unity