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Camp Hoops

Employee in: Freelance

This is a B2B project on which I have worked as a freelance. This game has been commissioned by LTS Education Systems to be integrated into their innovative e-learning platform Stride Academy, that uses videogames as a motivational learning tool.

It is an HTML5 game optimized for both tablets and PCs.

The goal of the game is to score as many baskets as possible before time runs out. The base score for a hoop is 1 point but, for each consecutive hoop, the score is increased by the current number of consecutive hoops, until a shot is missed. The ball's initial position changes for every shot.

To aim before a shot, the player can hold tapped (or hold clicked) and move their finger (or mouse) to adjust the shot power and angle, then release their finger (or mouse button) to shoot.

For this game I have worked on design and programming, while graphics and audio were provided by the client.

Main tasks I covered:

  • Game Design
  • Programming

Game Engine: GameMaker