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Agro Innovation Tour

Employee in: Digital Tales

Agro Innovation Tour was my first professional project as a game designer in a studio.

The project consisted in designing three minigames for an Agriculture fair. Such games were installed on touch screen tables and encouraged fair visitors to play together.

The minigames were:

  1. Quiz: up to three players compete in a quiz about Agriculture
  2. Labirinth: players cooperate to find a way from start to end point by rotating pieces of a maze, in a Pipe Mania fashion
  3. Avatar Maker: players can create an avatar resembling themselves, and tell about their business

For this project I worked on the following tasks:

  • Game Design: concept of the three minigames based on the client's requests, and complete writing of the game design document.
  • Level Design: tuning of the three minigames, such as score rewards and penalties progression curves in the Quiz or difficulty balancing in Labirinth.

Main tasks I covered:

  • Game Design
  • Level Design

Game Engine: Unity